Dave Lambert goes Under Cover

SOURCE: The Velvet Onion This week sees the launch of Undercover – the new sitcom starring Daniel Rigby and Sarah Alexander. In it, Rigby plays hapless detective Chris Anderson, who goes undercover within the Sarkissian crime syndicate in an attempt to nail the head honcho Ara, and Alexander is his uncompromising boss, Zoe Keller. One of a stringContinue reading “Dave Lambert goes Under Cover”

James Cook’s Adventures in Ausland

SOURCE: THE VELVET ONION (PART ONE AND PART TWO) If you’re a die hard fan of The Mighty Boosh or a lover of alternative music crafted with care for the details, chances are you’ve heard of James Cook. If you haven’t, then perhaps you haven’t been reading TVO properly these last five years. With his new album out now, Cook hasContinue reading “James Cook’s Adventures in Ausland”