Didymus Holmes

Freelance journalist, arts marketer, project coordinator, archivist, full time hobbit and sideshow curiosity.

I find them to be the most hardworking, efficient & observant of any people involved with publicity over the years. They’re also a peachy dancer…”

Rich Fulcher, The Mighty Boosh

Who is Didymus Holmes?

And what can they do for me?

They’re a trained broadcast journalist, with many years of experience in copyrighting, digital content creation, and marketing. In 2010, they founded alternative comedy website The Velvet Onion, and spent eight years providing news, reviews, interviews and exclusive content to audiences in 160 countries.

Other clients and employers over the last decade include 24:7 Theatre Festival, Oldham Coliseum Theatre, We Are Cult, Such Small Portions, Channel M, Queen Productions and Noel Fielding’s production company, Secret Peter.

Paul Holmes sat at a desk, presenting a radio broadcast.
Paul Holmes presenting on Shock Radio. Photo © Shock Radio.


Feature Writing

Informative and entertaining copy on any subject.

I can work to any length you require, and am comfortable adapting my voice to fit yours, or give you something uniquely me.


I have written an extensive amount of reviews of TV shows, films, theatrical productions, and music releases.

I can provide a balanced, fair opinion that relies on constructive criticism and positive thinking.


Strong experience interviewing a variety of individuals – from legends of alternative comedy, to up and coming musicians.

I also have experience of corporate interviews and am happy to create audio/visual work as well as the written word.

Press Releases

As a trained journalist, with a background in arts marketing, I am able to take your project and turn it into a release that the press will want to read and tell the world about.


With eight years of providing news stories for The Velvet Onion, I am extremely capable of turning your press release into something that gets the attention of Joe Public.

Socal Media Campaigns

Having worked in communications roles, I am happy to help advice you how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more to maximum impact.

Proof-reading and sub-editing

Sometimes, all you need is someone to read what you’re written, and spot the things you’ve missed.

Presenting & Podcasts

With a happy go lucky Northern vibe, I am more than happy to appear in front of the camera as well as behind it, and have previously worked in radio presenting, and appeared as a featured guest on podcasts.

They’re a great person to bounce ideas off and seek opinions from, and their enthusiasm is utterly infectious.

– Paul Kaye, Actor

Paul Holmes interviews Noel Fielding.
Paul ‘Didymus’ Holmes interviewing Noel Fielding on the set of Luxury Comedy in 2013. Photo © Lauren Taylor for The Velvet Onion

Interview Archive


An accomplished interviewer, Didymus has worked with some of the biggest names in comedy, including:

  • Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer
  • Matt Berry
  • The Mighty Boosh
  • Simon Day
  • Richard Ayoade
  • Paul Kaye
  • Alice Lowe
  • Sarah Kendall
  • Tony Way
  • Katy Brand


Alice Lowe, Actor/Writer/Director

“What Didy doesn’t know about comedy isn’t worth knowing. They’re encyclopaedic! Hard-working, thorough, conscientious, creative, quick to learn, with an unstinting attention to detail. They are self-motivated, enthusiastic, a joy to be around and very very bright! They will go far.”

The Velvet Onion team pose on stage at The Velvet Onion Live event.
Photo © The Velvet Onion

Paul Kaye, Actor

“I was instantly struck by their charm, passion and wit, which all effortlessly translate themselves into their writing. Didy is a wonderfully knowledgeable and discerning aficionado of all things comedic and dramatic. They’re a great person to bounce ideas off and seek opinions from, and their enthusiasm is utterly infectious. Last but by no means least… they’re also truly lovely and someone I now consider a friend.”

Tony Way, Actor

“Didymus has been invaluable in promoting and championing the many projects I have been involved with over the years. So much so, that if I want to find out what I am doing next, I look to The Velvet Onion instead of my own diary.”

Tom Meeten, Comedian

“Didy’s passion for comedy is unparalleled. Their combination of enthusiasm and knowledge has always made working with them an absolute pleasure. And almost more importantly (I think), they champion unknown and ‘alternative’ acts as much as more established performers.

Roberta Beattie, Website Specialist

“Didy has a huge amount of knowledge of the sector and of necessary processes. Their attention for detail is brilliant, always pointing out potential gaps in plans and sharing ideas. They go above and beyond to make us all feel welcome and appreciated. They are always happy to help when we get in a muddle or need assistance. Their hard work on keeping on top of the many things they do always amazes me.”

Dave Brown, Designer/Photographer

“Over the years I’ve not only been impressed by Didy’s manner and personality, but also by their enthusiasm, support, reliability and passion for all things comedy. They have an encyclopaedic knowledge and are an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Rachel Stubbings, Comedian

“Working with Didymus Holmes is nothing short of joyous. Their enthusiasm, passion and knowledge means they’re great to bounce ideas around with. They’ve got great instincts and has an eye for new and interesting ideas. That’s why they’re so popular amongst comics, especially those leaning towards the leftfield.”

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