Jonny & The Baptists on Eat the Poor

Source: The Velvet Onion The Edinburgh Fringe is now well under way and there’s a whole host of TVO related shows to savour. One such show is the latest hour from Jonny & The Baptists: the musical satirists who we’ve long since dubbed Honorary Onions. Frequently sharing the bill with many of the acts weContinue reading “Jonny & The Baptists on Eat the Poor”

Katy Brand on I Was a Teenage Christian

Source: The Velvet Onion The Edinburgh Festival returns for its 69th year shortly, and a bevvy of TVO favourites are heading on up there to make people laugh. As part of our celebrations, we’ve been catching up with a handful of great performers we’re sure you’ll want to go and see at the Fringe. AndContinue reading “Katy Brand on I Was a Teenage Christian”

Anna Mann on A Sketch Show for Depressives

Source: The Velvet Onion It can’t have escaped your attention that the Edinburgh Fringe is just around the corner. And with it, comes Colin Hoult‘s new hour of comedy, A Sketch Show for Depressives. We tried to speak to Colin about his return to the festival, but when we rang his number, Anna Mann, who is sharing theContinue reading “Anna Mann on A Sketch Show for Depressives”

Diversity and the Creative Case

A video I co-produced whilst working at Arts Council England. This was part of a wider campaign which I also worked on regarding the Creative Case. A version of this was also produced with British Sign Language which can be viewed below. You can read the full Diversity and the Creative Case report I workedContinue reading “Diversity and the Creative Case”

Goldblade: Jukebox Generation

A deliberately lo-fi music video for the band Goldblade, shot during their 2015 Punk Rock Tram Ride in Blackpool. A one-chance event to shoot handheld footage, later matched up to the Acoustic version of their song Jukebox Generation. Lots of fun to attend, and a joy to frantically patch together an edit in under 24Continue reading “Goldblade: Jukebox Generation”

Greg James on Dead Air

SOURCE: The Velvet Onion Monday, 13th July sees the launch of the latest batch of BBC Comedy Feeds – taster pilots for potential new shows launched exclusively on BBC iPlayer. Naturally, there’s a whole host of TVO talent involved on both sides of the camera, with the likes of Michael Smiley, Ellie White, Alice’s Wunderland producer SamContinue reading “Greg James on Dead Air”

Fergus Craig goes Hoff the Record

SOURCE: The Velvet Onion This week sees the launch of Hoff the Record – the brand new partially improvised mockumentary about David Hasselhoff, in which the 80s legend stars alongside TVO regular Fergus Craig. With numerous other familiar faces appearing across the run, and this being Fergus’ most high profile role in quite some time, we were keenContinue reading “Fergus Craig goes Hoff the Record”

Dave Lambert goes Under Cover

SOURCE: The Velvet Onion This week sees the launch of Undercover – the new sitcom starring Daniel Rigby and Sarah Alexander. In it, Rigby plays hapless detective Chris Anderson, who goes undercover within the Sarkissian crime syndicate in an attempt to nail the head honcho Ara, and Alexander is his uncompromising boss, Zoe Keller. One of a stringContinue reading “Dave Lambert goes Under Cover”

Paul Kaye on Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Source: The Velvet Onion. This weekend sees the long-awaited launch of BBC One’s fantasy epic Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, based on the best selling book of the same name, and adapted by the makers of Wallander, Sherlock and Doctor Who. Set during the Napoleonic Wars in an alternate England where magic was once commonplace, the show focusesContinue reading “Paul Kaye on Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell”